Reasons Seal Coating is Essential for Your Asphalt.
AGenerally, asphalt pavement is rock and stone gravel as well as a binder. The binder also referred to as asphalt cements hold together the rock. The binder is made through a distillation process using certain crude oils. Sealcoating is the process through which a coal tar emulsion is applied over the asphalt pavement to provide it with protection so that it does not suffer damage from the environment particularly moisture and ultraviolet oxidization. The process is similar to providing your skin with sun screen to protect it from UV rays or like providing wood with a finish and especially wood vanish. Seal coating also works by filling up small voids on the surface of the asphalt.
Proper Asphalt Compaction
AAppropriate techniques and equipment are applied to reach adequate compaction. Asphalt is placed and compacted in separate lifts while the asphalt is still hot in order to achieve proper compaction.
Water Drainage
AThe most important things to consider when designing a pavement is drainage. The major cause of asphalt pavement failures is improperly designed drainage flow (water standstill). This should be given special consideration during the design and construction phases.
When Should The Seal coating Be Done?
AWhen your driveways pavement or parking lot has serious damage and it is beginning to look real bad, known as alligatoring cracks, you should consider laying new asphalt. This is especially if the pavement has come to a point where it is not easy to fill the rack anymore. You can engage the services of Sosco for your asphalt rehabilitation job. If you have been sealing your driveway or parking lot over the years, it can also begin to have the alligator effect.
The Proper Application of Seal coat to an Asphalt Pavement
AThe area must be blocked and prepared for sealcoating. Any automated sprinkler systems must be turned off and the entire area should be cleaned thoroughly. Once the pavement has been evaluated and observed carefully, primer will be applied to any areas that have oil or chemicals. The cracks will then be filled with crack sealant and asphalt defects will be rehabilitated. Once the whole area has been prepped, two high quality coatings of sealer will be applied and then left to dry out for about 12 hours or so. Once the seal coating dries up, the parking lot or driveway will be restriped and then repainted. Before the parking lot or driveway can be used again, it will be checked thoroughly to ensure that it has been done to your satisfaction.

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