Professional Seal Coat Application

Seal coats are used to protect the pavement from ultraviolet rays, water, and petroleum products (oil, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc.) and to retard the effects of early oxidation. Seal coats will typically wear off in two to three years for a one-coat application and four to six years for a two-coat application.

The durability of a seal coat is a function of the dilution rate of the concentrated sealer, the application rate of the material per square yard, the amount and type of traffic exposure, power steering shear, exposure to standing water (overflow from sprinklers, puddles, etc.), and ambient and ground temperatures at the time of application. Ambient and ground temperatures are significant factors in the longevity of seal coats. The material will freeze and degrade if the temperature of the existing pavement is less than 55°F. Likewise, the material will degrade if the pavement temperature exceeds 120°F. At Sosco Paving, we adhere to the application guidelines of the manufacturer.

Crack sealing, patching, and all distress present in the existing pavement will be visible after applying a seal coat. Striping and painted lines, lettering, and logos will shadow through a seal coat in a short time unless they are blacked out with a flat black paint before applying a seal coat. All painted markings and directional symbols will reappear as the seal coat material wears off. The black-out paint will be visible after the sealer wears off; however, it will not result in white or yellow stripes, lettering, or colored logos which would confuse the driver.

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